Services for Lawyers

& Law Firms

I provide high quality assistance to lawyers and law firms in case strategy development, motion practice, research, appeals and legal writing. I can often take a case and identify previously unrecognized claims, arguments, and defenses. My legal scholarship and research gives me a unique perspective on legal problems. I approach my work with a curiosity and intensity driven by a love of legal research, problem solving and argument.


Litigation Strategy Consulting

My consulting practice is specialized to evaluate plaintiff-side tort cases.  I examine the other lawyers cases and develop effective and innovative strategies. I am often able to discover new claims and avenues for recovery, to anticipate defenses and think through arguments to counter them. I will take seemingly intractable problems for cases and often find unexpected but effective ways of resolving them. 

Lawsuits for discrimination, violations of constitutional rights, and suits against the government


Motion Practice

Rigorously researched effectively argued motions written for your cases

I assist lawyers and law firms by writing motions for summary judgment, oppositions to summary judgment, oppositions to motions to dismiss, and other critical motions. I research issues thoroughly and develop innovative solutions to legal problems. I am often able to produce high quality work on short deadlines.


Appellate Practice

Appeals call for a different skill set than trial practice. I work with lawyers and law firms who need assistance at all stages of the appeals process, from deciding what issues to appeal, to writing effective appellate briefs, to arguing appeals. 

Evalating cases for appeal and writing appellate briefs


Legal Editing & improvement

I take existing briefs and motions produced by other lawyers and make them better. I look for unanticipated counter-arguments, research them, and rebut them. I identify flaws in arguments and correct them. 

Taking your legal writing and substantively improving it