Employment law

Civil Rights

Lawsuits for discrimination, violations of constitutional rights, and suits against the government.

Family Law

Family law disputes take good people through what are often the most emotionally difficult times of their lives.  I aim to handle family law cases with empathy and compassion from a wholistic perspective. When things feel like they are falling apart, I want to help restore peace and stability to my clients' lives

I specialize in child custody disputes and children's rights advocacy.

Medical Malpractice, Healthcare law, personal injury, negligence and intentional torts

Medical law

& Tort law

If your constitutional rights were violated or you suffered discrimination, I may be able to achieve a just remedy, often through employing fee shifting statutes that do not require any upfront payment by clients. 

I specialize in cases concerning the rights of disabled people, elderly people, children, and people experiencing mental health issues. 

As a prospective, current or former employee, you want fair terms of employment and competitive remuneration. I can help negotiate employee friendly hiring and severance contracts. If you’ve been treated unlawfully or discriminated against in an employment setting, I may be able to help you get the compensation that you’re owed. My practice for employees includes wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and other unlawful mistreatment.

Employers want to structure their employee relations, contracts, and policies to facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship between the organization and its employees. I can help employers develop employment contracts and employee policies and handbooks that work well for both employers and employees. 

Within employment law, my focus has been on employment discrimination. 

If you were injured by a physician's acts or omissions, or injured by another person's negligent or intentional acts, you deserve to be compensated for your losses. 

In the medical law context, I specialize in cases involving questions of informed consent. I am committed to putting patient autonomy and bodily integrity first. 

Practice Areas



I am a lawyer and a legal academic, actively engaged in both practice and scholarship.  My practice areas follow from my research agenda, enabling me to leverage my academic expertise to provide effective solutions to challenging legal cases. 

I am licensed to practice in the District of Columbia.

Employment relations and employee discrimination.

Domestic relations, child custody, children's rights advocacy.